10 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Efforts to Look Perfect

It takes a lot of effort to look stunning and maintain your appearance 24/7. But, when a single unfortunate mistake ruins all your skillful effort you put into making yourself look good, that puts your mood off for the entire day. These mistakes that prevent you from looking good are quite common. You might even be unknowingly making them.


Here is a list of some of these mistakes for you to remember and stop doing in order to help you look your best:

1Wearing the wrong sized clothes

Everyone has a special pair of jeans that they hope to fit into someday. But, don’t try and wear such an item ahead of time. When you are out shopping, don’t get swayed by the various fashionable trends and sales because they will only cloud your judgment. There may be some really attractive items but not in your size but you will be tempted to get it just because it’s the latest fashion or perhaps on sale. Stick to your size if you want to look presentable and not ridiculous. You wouldn’t want anything too tight or too loose, right?

Wearing the wrong sized clothes

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2Color combinations

It is generally a tricky business to choose the perfect color scheme because you have to select colors that combine well with each other and harmonize with the weather’s complexion. But, when you have no time to study such subtleties, just remember this important tip- when choosing bright colors, go for deep saturated hues like burgundy, blue, red, emerald, and coral. Don’t forget about the universally noble pastel color, or the popular classics- black and white.

Color combinations

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3Minor flaws

Minor flaws such as a small smudge, a loose thread, a presence of lint, a bit of your beloved pet’s hair or a slightly crumpled appearance are not exactly considered as mistakes that prevent you from looking good. In fact, such things can even be ignored because rarely do people notice them.


However, you would do good to arm yourself against such oversights by having something like a sticky lint removing roller in your handbag. It is advisable to carry a small “emergency kit” which contains a needle, a spool of thread, and safety pins. But, it’s better if you avoid wearing clothes that get crumpled easily.

Minor flaws

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4Wrong choice of underwear

People might think “how does it matter what kind of underwear a person wears? No one is going to see it anyways!” But, most people fail to understand your own well-being depends on the look and feel of your underwear. You will feel uncomfortable and this internal discomfort will even affect your outward appearance. Wearing good lingerie will be very beneficial as it helps in correcting the figure and this brings you closer to looking perfect.

Wrong choice of underwear

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5Substandard materials

Synthetic fabrics aren’t just cheap but they look cheap as well. They can lose their shape, crumple and get dirty pretty easily. It is advised that you stick with high-quality knitwear such as chiffon, cotton, wool, denim, and silk. While things made from such fabric are a bit more expensive, in reality it is not by a huge margin. Not only are they more comfortable, they really do look more appealing as well.

Substandard materials

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