12 Simple Fashion Tips and Tricks to Make You Look Luxurious Without The Cost

9An awesome hair do

An incredible hairstyle will make any of your outfits look great regardless of the cost. You don’t need to have a lavish hairstyle or long wavy hair, you can just tie it back in a tight bun and it will make you look like a starlet.

An awesome hair do

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10Use a steamer on your iron

A steamer on your iron will make your clothes look perfect. When you wear wrinkled clothes it will make you look as you can’t afford good clothes and as if you slept in them. A steamer will smoothen out all the wrinkles and iron your clothes perfectly. Steamers are also not expensive.

Use a steamer on your iron

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11Match your shoes to your handbag

If you really want to look trendy and perfect, then your shoes should match your handbag. There is no point spending a fortune on shoes because they are going to get worn out eventually and is never an investment, rather you could buy expensive ones and have more choice over a same period of time. Matching your shoes with your handbag will give you a luxurious look. But try to keep your shoes in good shape by taking care of them.

Match your shoes to your handbag

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12The tucked in look

A tucked in shirt worn with trousers or a skirt is the classiest outfit you could think of. It makes you ooze style and fashion making you look well polished. You don’t have to wear a top that has a tight fit but a comfortable one. Also monochrome colors like black white or navy look the best. Maintain such fashion tips and you’ll pull off your own style well and always look good.

The tucked in look

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