12 Simple Fashion Tips and Tricks to Make You Look Luxurious Without The Cost

5Visible bra and panty lines

According to Cosmo, showing your bra and panty lines are an absolute no when it comes to being fashionable. There are several cheap clothes that can fit poorly and flimsy. Wearing well-fitted bras and panties can eradicate such problems and then there won’t be a noticeable difference between an inexpensive outfit and an expensive one.

Visible bra and panty lines

Image Source: silklaundry.com.au

6Wear black

Black can make anyone look good and wearing an expensive Dolce and Gabbana little black dress or a one bought from a local department store won’t show much of a difference if the look is similar. Earthy colors may not look good but a combo of black and white will make you look awesome.

Wear black dress

Image Source: shopify.com

7Attention to the detail

Among good fashion tips, paying attention and taking care of your clothes is important in maintaining your style and fashion, it doesn’t cost you to stitch a missing button or cut off a loose thread. Don’t wear clothes with stains or missing accessories like missing buttons or with holes on them. It takes seconds to fix your clothes so don’t make them look cheap.

Attention to the detail

Image Source: sewaholic.net

8Pointy heels

Pointy heels adds a touch of class to any person. It makes you ooze sophistication and look professional. You can purchase inexpensive pointy heels which is the beauty of fashion nowadays. But make sure you buy one which is comfortable on your feet.

Pointy heels

Image Source: providr.com

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