13 Facts That Show How Amazing and Incredible The Female Body Is

9The female skin is very sensitive

A women’s skin is 25 % thinner than a man. This makes it automatically more sensitive to touch or stimulations and other sensations. But unfortunately, this also has its flip side to it. Oversensitive skin is more prone to injuries, burns, cuts and bruises as well as wrinkles and rashes etc.


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10A woman’s mood depends on her hormones

Well PMS is a well known condition which is very common among ladies. But it is not necessary that every woman can easily notice the changes in their mood or behaviour because they can be very mild as well. Moreover, the hormone levels are constantly changing in a female’s body and brains so it keeps altering her outlook, mood, level of energy and sensitivity as well.


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11A woman will feel more active ten days before her period

For instance, a lady feels much more active and sassier about 10 days after the beginning of her period till she starts ovulating. During these days they try to act or dress more attentively to attract male attention towards them. A week later there is a high release of progesterone hormones which makes them stay at home and cuddle with their pet pooches or loved ones in pajamas. The next week they may feel extreme anger or irritation or even weepy at a drop of a hat which gets worse 12-24 hrs before their periods start.


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12Women go through adolescence twice

The second adolescence which adult women go through is called perimenopause and it usually happens in their forties. It is characterised by irregular periods, night sweats and many other unpleasant experiences because of weird hormonal changes. The hormonal changes are so dynamic at this phase that a woman might actually behave like a teenager!


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13Women are experts at reading faces

Women can read you like an open book it’s ingrained in them by birth. So, don’t try to be poker-faced in front of them as it won’t work. They can easily decode emotions and feelings of others by looking at their faces. This makes them more empathetic towards others and makes them a better communicator too. Also, studies have shown that women have better facial recognition memory as well.


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