13 Facts That Show How Amazing and Incredible The Female Body Is

5 Women distinguish colors better than men

Women have stronger colour perception which means they can discern more shades of colour than a male eye can. This ability is connected to the X chromosome. Men have one X chromosome while women are gifted with two.


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6Women are really good with words

Women have a natural talent with words and they can really express their feelings better than men. In fact there is an anatomical explanation for this phenomenon as well! Women have a larger frontal and temporal area of the cortex in the brain. This region is believed to be the influencer of thoughts and language skills.


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7Women have more language protein

Women also have more of FOXP2 which is medically known as the language protein. This protein helps an average woman to speak at least 20, 000 words a day. This is 13,000 words more than men. Now you know why your partner is always able to give you a mouthful at the drop of a hat and you instead are left at a loss for words.


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8Women have greater muscle endurance

Studies have shown that women can do stamina related exercises 75% longer than men. The secret is hidden in their hormones; it is to be believed that estrogen released in women’s body makes their muscles more resistant to fatigue.


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