13 Facts That Show How Amazing and Incredible The Female Body Is

Child birth is perhaps the most miraculous feature of a female body. The ability to create a new life is simply awesome. But that’s not all because if you take a closer look, a female body has more wonders hidden in it which the world might not have realised yet and that is what we would like to enlighten you about. Believe it or not, while women over the ages have always been referred to as the weaker sex, surprisingly, there are attributes that a woman has which are better than men so read on to see how amazing the female body is.


1Women can handle pain better

Women can tolerate more pain than men and it is a scientific fact. It is not because they are stronger physically but because that is how their brains functions. In a study when women were made to remember some past painful experience, men were more prone to stress and hypersensitivity, while women tended to forget about them faster. And in general, women have a much bigger threshold of tolerance when it comes to pain, nearly 9 times stronger than men.

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2Women were also more sensitive to hearing and odors

One study found that women are better at perceiving colors as well as more sensitive to odors and sound. Men, on the other hand, were better at observation and seeing moving objects but were less able to tell difference between colors as they also required a longer wavelength to make out a shade in comparison to women.

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3One of the breasts is always bigger than the other

No woman in this world has a pair of perfectly symmetrical breasts. One is always a bit bigger than the other but usually, the difference is not noticeable. If, however, the difference is noticeable it can be due to various bodily reasons, like difference in the volume of breast tissues, the size and the shape of the breast pocket, even the skin elasticity over each breast makes a lot of difference. However, these differences are harmless and not to be worried about as they are natural.

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4A woman’s body transforms drastically during childbirth

Giving birth to a child is a life-altering experience and is massively difficult as well as risky for both the mom and the baby. Besides going through terrible pain, they also undergo drastic changes in their bodies over the 9 months. One of them is cervix dilation.

During labour, the tight and small cervix transforms into a fully open exit for the baby to emerge. It has to dilate nearly 10 cms to be ready to push out a baby safely. This can be compared to a size of a bagel! Besides, this 10 cms just represents the pushing point as the cervix keeps expanding to accommodate the baby’s head.


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