11 True Facts about Men That They Keep Hidden From Others

8Men prefer looser clothes with age

The way we usually feel is affected by the way we dress. The way other people perceive you can be based on the way you dress.  That is the reason why in business meetings, people usually wear suits. With the increase in age, the preference of clothes changes for people. Young guys usually wear shorts or tight pants which aren’t  too comfortable. The desire to wear comfortable things increases with age. That is why shorts and pants with looser and more comfortable cuts are preferred more by older men.

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9A man’s IQ determines his lifestyle

The lifestyle of a man influences the IQ level of this person; this study was concluded by a group of scientists from the Karolinska institute of Stockholm. The probability is lower if he abuses alcohol. Researchers have stated that people who drink often tend to have a lower IQ level. But this fact also takes in account those who drink because of suffering from emotional problems in which case it had nothing to do with IQ.

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10Men lie twice as often as women

A woman lies about 3 times a day while an average man lies 6 times a day to his partner, colleagues or boss. The discovery of this fact was assisted by a survey concluded by 20th-century fox home Entertainment in 2009 before releasing the TV series Lie to Me. It resulted that men lie twice the number of times a woman lies. “It’s ok.im fine” is the most used common phrase of lying.

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11Men stare at women for almost a year of their life

According to studies, 43 minutes of the day is spent by a man staring at different women. Each year the amount of time spent is 259 hours. 11 months and 11 days are spent by a man who is between the age of 18-50.  Women spend 20 minutes of the day looking at men and 6 months is spent on this activity by women between the age ranges 18-50.

A survey among 3000 people was conducted due to these figures received by the employees of Kodak lens vision centers. Pubs, nightclubs and supermarkets are considered to be the most suitable place for gazing at strangers of the opposite gender.

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