11 True Facts about Men That They Keep Hidden From Others

4If a man keeps his thumbs on their belt, it means they are trying to attract the attention of a girl

A man naturally makes gestures which display his strength and courage when he is trying to show that he is interested in a woman. The most common gesture is holding his thumb and pulling his belt. This conjures up the picture of the cowboys or the Marlboro man.

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Ancient men had similar rituals

In ancient times, when pants and belts didn’t exist they had a similar ritual. Men usually made a gesture which point towards their crotch so as to win over a female. These old gestures would be regarded as disrespectful and indecent but a man’s hands still point towards his crotch when he holds his belt. It’s instinctive.

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5Men prefer compliments from other men

Men are always pleased while receiving compliments from females. But men are much more pleased when they receive compliments and praises from other men too. This is not got anything to do with being attracted to other men. It is like an endorsement from the same sex and is an egoistic aspect of men that gives them the feeling of being superior from others that invites praise.

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Men rarely say thank you

Only 30 % of the time men thank others after receiving a compliment from someone else, this was proved by a study done by Robert Herbert from Binghamton University. A man’s self esteem is boosted and also feels more pleasant when they receive a compliment from another man.

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6Men are friends through their interests

An article was written By Ronald E Riggio which had its analysis based on the difference in a relationship between men and women.  It concluded that men create more friendships on the basis of sharing similar interests. They are more likely to decide to watch matches together, play tennis, football, golf, etc. with likeminded friends. Friendship between females is based on mental support and emotions. Friends are made by women on the basis of uniting emotionally with each other.

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7Men eat twice as much when they are with women

This can be a strange fact that men eat much more in their lunch and dinner when they are accompanied by a woman. In the company of women, they would choose to eat salad 86% more and 93% more pizza in comparison than when they were with men. A research was conducted by Kevin Kniffin, Ph.D. of Cornell University, which concluded that men usually do this to attract women. This is a strange instinct of most men.

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