15 Facts About Life In Greece That Outsiders Will Find Amazing

Greece is a famous tourist destination that is visited by millions of people every year. The land is filled with color, flavors, and music. The country’s rich historical legacy is reflected in part by its 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The people here are kind, friendly and passionate about sports, food, and outsiders.


It is a wonderful place to visit when on holiday if you want to experience something wild and out of the ordinary. But, be aware that some of the local traditions and customs might catch you off guard.

1The divorce rates are low

Unlike most countries where divorces are medium to high, the Greeks take the concept of marriage very seriously and very few of them end in divorce. They also made getting divorces hard by adding a lot of bureaucracy procedures that end up draining a lot of the finances of the people who want a divorce. This prevents people from making rash decisions and heading out to fill the divorce papers.


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2Children are very important

Children play an important role in the family structure of Greek society. A tradition that many outsiders find strange is that there is a 40 day period after a mother gives birth during which she cannot be visited but can be given gifts. Another surprising thing is the reaction Greek people give to babies. They will often spit beside the stroller as not to jinx them.


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3Their principal of “sigá-sigá”

Roughly translated as “take it easy,” it is the principal motto of the people who live in Greece. They always take things easy and never rush to complete something. This does not mean that they are lazy but they like to take things slowly rather than rushing about with it. They just move at a slower pace.


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4It has the most seismic activities

Greece is prone to earthquakes and this is something that only the people who live here are okay with while the outsiders get shocked and frightened by the amount of seismic activity that occurs here. The local people are calm when it happens and often try to calm the tourists who are taken aback by it.


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5Their fast foods are different

Most countries across the globe have the same kind of fast food. It’s a burger or a pizza. These are like universal fast food but in Greece things are different. Yes, you can get both with regional variants but you can also find ‘gyros’ which are like shawarma or even ‘souvlaki’ which is like fried chicken with pork or lamb.


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