Essential Guidelines and Tips to Get Perfect Looking Eyebrows

Every woman loves beautiful natural looking eyebrows but to get them you need to maintain them as well. Follow these tips for gorgeous eyebrows without the pocket pinch of having to visit an expensive beauty salon.

1 How to get thick eyebrows

If your eyebrows aren’t thick enough, you can always try remedies to help them grow. At bedtime, massage them for 3-5 minutes with castor oil, olive oil or almond oil. This will help them grow faster. Maintain a healthy nutritious diet essential for hair growth. Eat plenty of fish like salmon, nuts raisins and soy products to stimulate and strengthen your hair follicles.

How to get thick eyebrows

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2 How to find the perfect eyebrow shape to match your face shape

For a round face, create a high arch. The brow shape should follow a straight line to the peak of the brow. Avoid round brow shapes as it may make your face also look very round. If your face is square, then go for a curved brow, soft, or hard angled shape. Avoid thin and short brow shapes. Those with a heart shaped face should keep a low arch and rounded brow shape for a natural look. Avoid a high arch as it can make a shorter heart shape face appear longer.

If your face is oval in shape, go for a flat, soft-angled eyebrow shape. Go straight up, and then gently make a curve around at the top.

perfect eyebrow shape to match your face

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3 Identifying the three points when shaping your eyebrow

To identify the three points for shaping your eyebrow, use the pencil method. A pencil should be placed in a straight line alongside your nose. This will be the beginning inside of the brow. The next thing to do is to place the pencil along your nose and across your pupil. This is the arch and highest point of your brow. Next move the pencil so the end of the nostril and outer edge of your eye are in a line which marks the end of the brow.

shaping your eyebrow

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