Enjoy a rich taste with these 10 most expensive foods in the world!


While food may be just an everyday affair for some, for many around the world, it is a gastronomic extravaganza. For gourmets, it isn’t about quantity but the quality of the most delectable dishes on the planet. From escargot, to truffle, there are certain food dishes which are extremely expensive owing to their exotic character or by virtue of their taste and finesse alone. Read on to experience ten of the most sophisticated and expensive foods in the world.

10 Norma’s Lobster Frittata -$ 1000

Norma’s restaurant in the Le Parker Meridien hotel, New York,refined the humble Frittata by using Sevruga caviar, six eggs and lobster claws. Incidentally, sevruga caviar is the highest quality caviar available and this dish contains at least 10 ounces of it. Called the zillion dollar Frittata, it was priced at a $ 1000.

Norma’s Lobster Frittata

Image Source: www.abclocal.go.com


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