Easy to follow habits to Keep away from negative people


You might come across, negative, toxic people everywhere, be it at work, home, etc. To have a sense of well being, it is important to keep your circle right. This is how you can deal with negative people.

1 How do you feel when you talk to a person?

Do you feel that your energy is motivated or depleted when you meet this person or group of people? If you feel inspired, motivated, and positive, then you are in the right company. On the contrary, if you are feeling negative, sulking, demotivated, insulted, humiliated, put down in anybody’s company, then, mostly you should keep distance and avoid them all together to keep your sanity intact.

Sometimes you end up staying in relations that are negative, emotionally, and psychologically abusive, without even realizing it. That kind of negativity that you have to deal with on a day to day basis can really bring your spirit down. For your own sense of well being, you always need to gauge if someone is making you feel up or down.

How do you feel when you talk to a person

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