15 Dressing Rules That We All Need to Learn Once And For All

11Remove tags

Never ever let the tags on your clothes remain or be visible. It looks really cheap allowing those pesky tags on your clothes remain. No one really wants to read what’s written on them or where you purchased them from unless they ask you.

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12Avoid too many prints

When dressing for any occasion and to look stylish or good, never wear too many prints. At the most you should wear two prints at a time but of the same shade. Alternately, you could wear two coordinating prints of different sizes.

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13Your socks length

Nowadays many men have become used to wearing ankle socks thinking them to be practical and functional because of the sole purpose of covering the feet in order to wear shoes. But that’s wrong. Your socks should be full length so that your naked legs do not show when you sit.

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14Sleeveless blouses

If you wear a sleeveless blouse to office, then make sure it covers your shoulders. When the occasion such as work requires you to dress formally, spaghetti straps are definitely not ok. It looks tacky and underdressed.

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15Two bags

Carrying large bags may make you look as if you are going shopping for groceries. But carrying two bags at once makes you look even weirder. Half the things in that big arm bag of yours will never be needed, so carry a decent sized bag when going to work or an evening out which of course should be a purse.

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