15 Dressing Rules That We All Need to Learn Once And For All

6Shirts, and jackets

If you wear a shirt without wearing a jacket, then you don’t need to wear a tie because that gives you that boring old teacher look. Wear a tie when you decide to wear a jacket because a tie completes the entire look.

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7Cleavage when wearing office shirts

Remember you are in an office and not at a cocktail party. If you prefer revealing a bit of cleavage when dressing for office then make sure your office shirt isn’t deeper than 4 inches or 10 cm from your collarbone, anything deeper and you can well imagine the effect.

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8When to wear a belt

If you are wearing a shirt over your trousers, that’s a casual look and ok for an evening out but if you wear a shirt to the office and tucked into your trousers, then always wear a belt because without one, your style looks incomplete.

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9Never show skin between a cardigan and jeans

That’s right. There are many women who love showing a bit of midriff regardless of what they wear. When you are wearing a cardigan with your jeans, make sure it is a decent length and not short enough to reveal some waist skin. If necessary, wear a top.

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10Your belt color

Did you know that when you wear a belt, it should be the same color as your shoes because that gives you an aesthetic stylish look?  If you wear a belt which is in sharp contrast to your shoes, it looks either tacky or a don’t care attitude.

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