15 Dressing Rules That We All Need to Learn Once And For All

Coco Chanel once said ““Dress shabbily, and they remember the dress; dress impeccably, and they remember the woman,” While it’s difficult to disagree with her, it is also not very practical to be the most fashionable and well dressed person around. Clothes need to be an intelligent blend of style, functionality and comfort. However, even while abiding by the demands of practical work clothing, you can still looked well dressed by following the universal etiquette of dressing. There are some rules you need to abide by in order to make a good impression especially when it involves a business meeting or when you are meeting someone on a first date or to clinch a deal. Here are the most basic rules of dressing to make you look well dressed and perfect at all times.


1The middle button on a jacket should always be closed.

While the middle button on a jacket should be closed at all times, the top can remain open. This is as per be at your discretion and mood. This reflects an aesthetic dressing sense. The lower button should never be closed.

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2When you are wearing a shirt or a blouse

When wearing a shirt or a blouse, you should not unbutton more than two buttons. Doing so will make you look cheap and will be considered revealing more than you should. Shirts do look very classy at the workplace but you should know how to wear them.

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You should wear earrings that will match your bracelet. Your necklace is you wear one should match your ring. By wearing three or four different items with different colors ion one look makes you look tacky and overdressed.

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4The tip of your tie

There are many men who don’t really bother where their tie ends. Some wear them hanging way below their trouser waistline and some will be seen wearing ties that end near their midriff.  The tip of the tie should just cross your waist by a little bit and no longer.

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5Mini or cleavage, not both

When you want to reveal a bit of cleavage, then make sure you don’t wear a miniskirt as you don’t want to look like an untidy cocktail waitress. To avoid looking vulgar; either go for cleavage or wear a miniskirt but not both. A longer skirt or a dress upto the knees look classier with cleavage.

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