Do you know your shower habits can reveal a lot about your personality? Unlock the secrets here…


When it comes to showering, it is not just about personal hygiene! Studies have proved that shower habits reveal a lot about the personality of a person. Here are 10 showering habits that will make you understand yourself or others better:

1 In and out in a wink of an eye

If you prefer a quickie rather than enjoying the mind relaxing task of taking a shower, then it means that you are always out of time and rushing to appointments! But after having said that, we would like to clarify that, this doesn’t mean you have a laid back attitude towards your work. This just means you like to prioritize your life and you love to invest your time in family and friends.

You are a considerate person and will go to immense lengths to help others. The best part is, this habit makes you a favourite among your roommates because they don’t have to keep banging on your bathroom door.

In and out in a wink of an eye

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