A huge DIY blanket to keep you snug and warm in winter. Here’s how to make it

One of the best things about winter is to be able to curl up in a nice thick and warm blanket. The feeling is awesome. But what happens when despite of your purchasing the best blanket on sale, you still don’t find it cozy enough for you. Well there is one simple solution. You make a DIY blanket.

It’s that hard if you follow the easy instructions at the video at the bottom of this article. Once you’re done you’re going to have a super cozy blanket to curl into.

1 A thick soft blanket for endless cozy nights of restful sleep

The DIY blanket is extremely thick in fact it’s a massive bulky blanket that can really keep you comfortable when you sleep. The rovings in the wool and texture are thick enough to help you make it yourself. You won’t need to make several stitches and it doesn’t require any complicated knitting skills either.

thick soft blanket

Image Source: www.amazonaws.com


What’s great about this giant blanket is that it is made from perfectly good quality material and is going to feel really soft against your skin.

giant blanket

Image Source: www.diply.net

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