15 Ways In Which The Coronavirus Has Changed Our Lives Forever

11The death of small businesses

Small businesses around the world have been affected the most due to the coronavirus. Many of them have closed down while others have issued for bankruptcy. The threat is not yet over that these small businesses can open up once again. They will remain closed till the threat is over and by then there might be nothing left.


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12Unemployment will rise

With small businesses going bankrupt many people and families will now be unemployed. Companies and corporations will get help from their government but small businesses won’t. Most of them aren’t going to be able to survive until the lockdown is lifted. Small restaurants will not be able to weather the storm as big brand companies.


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13An economical crisis

Experts are saying that the coronavirus will produce a global recession after it is over. There are going to be many who will be left unemployed and companies will be struggling to stay afloat. The poor people are the ones who will be the most affected by this. The months after the virus is cured will be the hardest as it won’t be easy to just get back to work.


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14Better preparedness

This virus helped prove one very important thing. Most countries are not ready for a pandemic. This has not just opened the eyes of the people but also the government and now everyone is realizing how unprepared they are for a situation like this. Now they can fix their flaws in management and be better prepared for the next one.


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15The reliance on China is over

Did you know that 90% of America’s antibiotics come from China? Yup, after this pandemic countries have realized it is not safe to depend on one country for all their resources. China was known as a manufacturing hub as they manufacture 20% of the world’s goods. After the coronavirus hit they too had massive losses and fell behind.


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