15 Ways In Which The Coronavirus Has Changed Our Lives Forever

The coronavirus is a pandemic that will be talked about by our future generations as it has devastated the world. There is still no cure and researchers and scientists are working day and night to find one. Most countries are on lockdown to help stop the spread while some are left in ruins. There is no denying the fact that this virus has shown our weakness as a race.


Here are a few things that the coronavirus has definitely changed forever.

1Work from home

Before the coronavirus hit the world the idea of ‘work from home’ was something that only freelancers could think about. The rest of the world had to go to an office to work. But, now everything has changed and companies are helping their employees set up work from home offices so that they do not get infected. During this time we can experience how sustainable this method of work can be.


Image Source: www.glassdoor.com

2Some offices could become obsolete

Reports indicate that the people who are working from home have 16.8 more days’ worth of productivity in a year. The figure isn’t that impressive, but think about how productive people could be. Who knows maybe after the coronavirus fear is lifted some offices might just adopt the work from home formula as it is working to their benefit.


Image Source: www.incimages.com

3Robots will be in high demand

Currently, every field that requires manual labor has been hit due to the coronavirus. Factories especially have taken major losses which had got them thinking about automated labor. Robots do not fall sick nor do they need to be shut down. An entire company of robotic labor can be controlled by a group of three people and that can also be done from home.


Image Source: forbes.com

4This might cause a shortage of jobs

Naturally, if companies and factories want to survive during a pandemic that results in a shutdown or lockdown they will resort to having a robotic workforce. Once this workforce will be deployed then the number of jobs for humans will decrease. Some robotic companies have seen a 25% rise in inquiries about their products.


Image Source: nenow.in


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