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The bed you sleep on should be comfortable, to make you feel safe and what’s most important to be clean. Most people would choose a simple bed, because it’s not like they would make a circus in their own bedroom. But, some people would definitely go for something quirky, crazy and unseen before; because they believe that the bed and the bedroom should be unique and crazy. Well, for the picky ones, there is a plethora of creative beds, named The Murphy Bed after its inventor Lawrence Murphy in 1900, it is a name given to any bed that can be folded up against a wall or hidden and exposed as the home owner pleases. The Murphy Bed has risen back into prominence in contemporary design due to its ability to work around the increasingly smaller and space constrained living spaces available in most modern cities. It also has functional and aesthetic value to larger rooms and houses, lending flexibility and a sense of space to the living area. The following list of creative beds are some of the most famous and iconic Murphy Beds in history.

1 Piano Bed

The famous Piano Bed is a variation on the most popular form of the Murphy Bed which involves a cabinet or mantelpiece that can be folded out to form a bed. This was quite important in the 19th and 20th century due to the fact that it allowed poor families to turn one room into a bedroom and living room at the same time. The Parlour room was seen as a sign of opulence, wealth and high social status. Therefore, there was a race to turn various pieces of furniture in the parlour room into a foldable bed. The Piano is probably the most amazing such innovation, for believe it or not, the piano bed above is both a functional piano and a bed. Very practical.

Piano Bed

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