15 Celebrities Who Took The Wrong Fashion Risks in 2018

If you ever thought showbiz takes fashion too seriously you’re in for quite a shock because showbiz is taking its obsession with couture to the next level. Red carpet dressing is now a very big deal. One wrong misstep and not only do actresses risk their label as a fashionista but they just might put their movie at risk, or worse they might make people think they are older.


Stars don’t actually have to be on point sartorially all the time of course but award shows and movie premiers, or even film festivals are huge deals and actors and actresses are obviously expected to choose wisely. At times even the most gorgeous women make fashion mistakes. They often try too hard and wear something obnoxious. Here’s looking at some of the most shocking fashion mistakes of 2018.

1Kate Beckinsale, what is that?

There’s no doubt that Kate is a stunning woman and doesn’t look like she’s on the other side of 40 but very recently she wore something which was a wrong move. She’s clearly trying to look younger and while she can pull off a lot of things, this beachy gown which she wore to a recent event did not work on her. In fact, Kate has been sticking to unusual gowns and experimenting with feminine ensembles but quite often she gets it wrong.

Kate Beckinsale

Image Source: glbimg.com

2Irina Shayk is going safe

No one really understands why Irina Shayk changed her style. The Victoria’s Secret supermodel has an amazing body and even after having a daughter recently she has bounced back into shape in no time. But Irina’s latest looks have been disastrous. She is going for classy chic and avoiding risks and yet failing quite miserably at that. Just take a look at her gold Versace gown which she wore in Venice which is not just unflattering but also does nothing for her curves.

Irina Shayk is going safe

Image Source: cdninstagram.com

3Julianne Moore is not taking risks

Perhaps one of the best actresses of this generation Julianne Moore has always been a sharp dresser. She’s famous for her youthful looks and nobody would believe she’s over 50. And yet this year Julianne has been keeping it quite boring with her looks. Not only is she going for boring and rather matronly gowns but her fans want her to experiment with her style.

Julianne Moore is not taking risks

Image Source: shawetcanada.com

4Is Salma Hayek chic?

For years fashion critics have blasted Salma Hayek for her questionable sense of fashion. She often goes for bold, shouting palettes and over the top designs. She is obviously beautiful and is a pro at minimal makeup. But this year it seems like she has been trying too much to look younger which is a mistake a lot of stars make. Her gown at the Oscars for instance, had too much work and yet didn’t flatter her curves or height. Salma looks incredible in softer colours and sharp silhouettes and maybe she should consider switching stylists.

Is Salma Hayek chic

Image Source: hochu.ua

5Amber Heard doesn’t have a label

Can we call Amber Heard a fashionista? Sure but what is her genre exactly? Is she shabby chic or does she look better in androgynous looks? This past year Amber has been experimenting with feminine and flowy looks which are quite a safe option but doesn’t give her any style cred. At a recent film festival, she chose a floral gown which was so simple it did practically nothing to her silhouette. Amber previously rocked sharp suits and grunge numbers and maybe she should stick to what worked.

Amber Heard

Image Source: celebmafia.com


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