World’s best makeup tutorial for women – You must give it a try

You ever wondered how your favorite actress always seems to look her best no matter what role she plays or her age. Well today we are going to reveal some of the top tips that only till today Hollywood’s elite had access to. With the warmer months right around the corner many women will be looking to change their wardrobe around why not give your make up and overall facial features a lift too? Start looking as good as your favorite star. Today we are going to reveal secrets from the top Hollywood Makeup artists, skin care experts and gurus. Check it out and start looking your best today.

1 Always keep your summer make up minimal

Ladies less is best especially with those warm dog days of summer just down the road. Why have your face smearing and looking like you painted your face? Just a little dab will do you does wonders on those god awful blazing days. Another thing you might want to try is not rushing right out the door once you put your make up on. Give it a chance to dry and do it up with a little bit of powder and start shining like a star.

Always keep your summer make up minimal

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