15 Best Make-Up Tips and Tricks for Dry Skin

Dry skin is extremely tiring and frustrating to handle. It can sometimes be caused by dry air. Luckily, there are great humidifiers for dry nose and eyes that many people suffer from. Your daily skincare regime can face its biggest obstacle due to the dry texture of your skin. Make-up is not an advisable applicant for dry skin. Foundation application turns out looking uneven and the entire face assumes a very flaky texture. However, radiant complexion is not a dream. You simply need to know the suitable products to be applied on your face that can obtain the best results. Here are simple tips and tricks for dry skin makeup.


1Wash your face with the help of a gentle face wash

Application of makeup should always be preceded by washing your face. A gentle face wash that is suitable for your skin type is what is advocated. This will remove impurities out of your skin and make it look fresh and soft.

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Exfoliating your skin is like providing a smooth canvas before starting your makeup regime. It flushes out all kinds of flakiness that might be present otherwise. Harsh scrubs should be avoided while exfoliating. This is why gentle face washes are more advocated instead of scrubs that might otherwise be harsh on your dry skin and might land up inflaming it. Alternatively, making a homemade scrub might help. A sugar and coconut oil scrub works best for dry skin. Make sure to rub this combination in a circular motion on your face for a minute or two. After applying the scrub make sure to rinse off with warm water.

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3Choosing the right base

Tinted moisturizers along with BB creams should be strictly avoided in case of dry skin. These products might be very good for most types of skin. However, they have the potential to inhibit dry skin from getting the hydration and moisture it needs from your makeup base. Application of a facial moisturizer helps before applying makeup, this can hydrates your skin. Make sure to use a non-comedogenic, oil-free formula to avoid contributing to breakouts and adding extra oil to the skin. Use a gel-based primer after moisturizing your skin. This primer makes sure your makeup lasts longer than it otherwise would and ensures a hydrated canvas for your makeup as well.

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4Application of a concealer

A concealer is always helpful in camouflaging any skin imperfections, eliminating redness, and covering eye bags or dark circles. However, it gives a different sort of finesse to your made up look. It is highly recommendable for dry skin as it forms the ideal base for a flawless makeup look. A concealer should be applied prior to the application of your foundation.

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5Liquid Foundation Is Preferable

Any powder-based makeup product is never advocated in cases of dry skin. They land up making your skin look very flaky and shows the powdery residues extremely visibly. A liquid foundation formula makes sure your dry skin gets moisturized and prevents patchy skin as well. This is highly recommended for anyone suffering with a dry skin type.

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