Avoid These 13 Mistakes If You Want To Look Great and More Attractive In Photos

11How to imitate touching

If you place one of your arms to the camera as if touching it, it will seem out of the frame totally and attract attention away from your figure and features. Your face also will look smaller. When you perform this gesture, the contours of your face need to be emphasized and your palms must be hidden. You need to know how to imitate the body touching pose without making contact. Also, never place your hands on your head or face during a photoshoot.

Image Source: newsland.com

12How to emphasize your face

Usually, people end up propping their head against their fist making the photograph look unnatural. It is better to use extending fingers to emphasize the facial contours. Take a pen in two fingers and then remove it, memorize the position to make your hand and wrist look relaxed and natural.

Image Source: sohucs.com

13Taking a picture on a deckchair

When you take a picture on a deck chair, never face the camera because that angle will make your body appear deformed. Also, the upper parts appear clunky and make your legs look short. Turn the deck chair so that your legs are placed in front, this makes your legs look longer. Also arch your back a bit where only your head, butt, and shoulders should be touching the surface of the chair. The leg closest to the camera should be bent at the knee.

Image Source: funmary.com

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