Avoid These 13 Mistakes If You Want To Look Great and More Attractive In Photos

5Turn your torso to the camera

By turning your torso away from the camera too much, it will make your shoulders appear narrow and rounded and your waist also a bit too wide. If your upper body is turned towards the camera, it will appear too bulky. What you should do is to turn three quarters towards the camera which makes your bust appear bigger and your waist slimmer.

Image Source: ettoday.net

6Mind the position of your arms

In a sitting down pose, many people are at a loss where to place their arms and usually cross them which isn’t a nice position. Hands lying loose also do not look nice in a photo. Adopting the hourglass shape is the best sitting down pose. Just place one leg over the other and both your elbows should be placed on the upper leg’s knee. One arm should be placed horizontally and the other in a vertical position. This will make the photo appear elegant while highlighting your figure and face.

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7Creating visual lines

It isn’t considered photogenic to stand straight and hang your arms at your sides. Clothing can blur and make your figure appear bulky. Position your arms slightly away from your body and use them to create the appearance of straight lines and angles. This accentuates the contours of your figure and highlights it correctly.

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8Combine curved and straight lines

The combination of straight and curved lines is not attractive. You need to position yourself in a semi-profile to the camera. Make sure there is some visible space around the waist area and place a hand on your thigh. Let the other hand fall along the curves of your body. When you position your arms correctly, it emphasizes the beautiful and attractive parts of your figure to create an elegant impression.

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9Don’t wear baggy clothes

Baggy clothes do not accentuate your figure in any way at all and make your body appear bigger. If you are taking a photo with loose-fitting clothes, then position your hands on the front part of your hips where your wrists should be visible. One hand should be placed slightly higher than the other.

Image Source: genial.guru

10Avoid showing your elbows

An elbow pointing at the camera can look short and unnatural. Your hands resting on your head or neck also makes the photo appear out of proportion. This also adds an appearance of heaviness in the overall photo.

If your arms appear in the photograph, it should be plainly visible and emphasize your attractive features. Place your elbow just a little to the side so that all visible lines are in view and can be easily distinguished.

Image Source: newsland.com

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