7 very unique ideas to build a pool

The best way to make the heat in the summer sufferable is to spend most of the leisure time in cold water of the swimming pool.


The water keeps the blood flowing in the body cooled down and when the blood flows in the body, the same cold water and cooled down blood keeps the other parts of the body cold. Also the sun rays don’t have that much of the heating effect on the body as water simmers the heat of the sun rays to an extent.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a pool in their yard, so here are 7 genius ways to have a pool in your backyard which can be built by anyone without much investment.


1 Just use some lawn chairs and plastic sheet

If you have many lawn chairs and a big sheet of plastic, you can easily make a good looking and working pool for yourself. Just tie the corners of the plastic sheets to the lawn chairs and some other parts of the sheet to other lawn chairs so that it can prop up the sheet to make a tub like structure. Fill the sheet with water and voila you have a homemade pool at your expense.

Just use some lawn chairs and plastic sheet

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2 Plastic and bales of hay

If you own a barn and lots of bales of hay, you can easily beat the heat by making a massive pool by using those bales and plastic sheet.

Just make a wall using the bales of hay and cover them with a plastic sheet, press down the center of the sheet to make a crater like shape and tie the sheet around the bales using a long rope. Fill the crater with water and you have your own pool to cool off in summer, outside.

Plastic and bales of hay

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3 Some handy 2x4s can make a useful pool

Get together some 2x4s from construction sites and a large tarp. Make a pool like square/rectangle structure using some nails and water proof glue and the 2x4s. Now put the tarp in the structure in order to form a tub like shape and press the excess tarp using some more 2x4s and rope to secure them.


Enjoy your homemade pool by filling it with water and some toys for the kids.

Some handy 2x4s can make a useful pool

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4 How about your truck?

Want something more that you can take with yourself. A homemade pool that is portable and mobile at the same time, giving relief from the heat.

Just put some tarp on the back of your truck bed (if you own one) and fill it with water and you have a pool that you can take anywhere.

How about your truck?

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5 Desperate measures

If you have nothing to prop up your tarp to make a pool, just try to hang it by tying it to some poles and propping it up in order to make it into a shape of a tub.


Fill it with water and you will have a pool whose structure might not be so secure, but you will definitely have fun.

Desperate measures

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6 Even garbage works

Buy an old dumpster at any auction, restore it and make it water proof. Now you can do 2 things here, either put in a tarp and secure it, or simply fill it with water and enjoy a wonderful pool with your friends and can cool off in the summer. You can even do this with shipping containers if you can find one for sale you and your friends could make your own shipping container pools to keep your cool during the summer.

Even garbage works

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7 Drink and pool

Now this pool is what dreams are made up of and everyone wants. A pool made up of beer crates and one that can be heated up if it is needed to be used in winters.

Be it summer or winter, you will have a great place to hang out with your friends and also have lots of beers on hand to drink and have a good time.

Drink and pool

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