6 Things you Should do alone once in your life

It has been a common thing for us to spend our life with lots of people around us, there will be our friends, families and even our neighbors. For everything that we do, we tend to have them in our side. For the time we eat, we go in the mall, we watch movies in the cinema, and we take pictures of us and any other things.


But, there are some times that we would just want to be alone and would try out to do some things without the need to accommodate or follow the things that other people wants you to do. We just want to have our time to spend to our self and this is very important! So, with that, you may want to know the 6 things that you should do alone for at least once in your life!

1 Watch Movie in Cinema

If you have been so used in watching movies with your friends or even with your partner, then it is the best time for you to do it alone. This time, you are not going to worry about being shy because your friend might tease and you can freely cry whenever you want. Isn’t that really great and ideal for you? Just try it once and you will surely love to do it again!


Don’t also forget to get a bucket of popcorn and a very large drinks that you are going to eat without anyone trying to snatch it from you.

Watch Movie in Cinema

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2 Go to a Concert

It is surely ideal to party out with your friends and rock to a concert. But, have you ever thought on how nice it could be for you to do it alone? Well, it is surely fun and full of enjoyment to rock, jump and shout all you want in the concert. After all, no one will care on the things that you are going to do as they don’t really know you and most people are all busy watching to the performers in front of them.

Go to a Concert

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3 Go to Mall and Visit Luxury Brands

We do know that it is tiring to go in the mall just to follow your friend wherever she wants to go. That is why, you should be really interested to try going on it alone, not for you to shop, but to just visit different luxury brands shops in there. There would be surely a lot and it seems that you have not wanted to enter it in the past because you can’t afford anything.

But, this time, you need to have the guts in going inside, trying every clothes, shoes and accessories that you want, without having a single plan of purchasing anything. The most important thing is you know to yourself that you have tried wearing and using any of those things for at least once in your life, even though you don’t really own it.

Go to Mall and Visit Luxury Brands

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4 Eat Your Favorite Food All Day

Craving for some foods but always afraid of other people telling you that you will gain fat if you keep on doing that? Well, they don’t really have to care about that! It is very important for you to focus on your own strengths and limitations so if you want to eat your favorite food then no one can stop you on that. But, if you are interested to avoid having friends complaining and trying to stop you then just do it alone.


If you love to eat pizzas, then you can simply stay in the house and conveniently order five boxes of it that you can finish for the whole day. After all, it is surely rewarding to spend time eating your favorite food. This could help you to stay at peace and would not even give you problems in having stress because of your loads of work.

Eat Your Favorite Food All Day

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5 Take Lots of Selfies and Don’t Share It!

Almost every one of us would like to take different photos on our own. We would like to take pictures of us wearing our new clothes or just simply capturing the current look that we have. But, have you ever thought of taking those beloved photos, only to keep it for yourself? It would surely be more memorable to do that! You can take hundreds of your pictures, be silly, do everything that you want and capture every bit of it. But make sure to keep the copy of those pictures and don’t let other people see the other side of you.

Take Lots of Selfies and Don’t Share It!

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6 Visit Your Ex and Say You Still Love Him, Claim It as Joke Later On

So, you have think that he is still the one for you. He captured your heart and you can’t still find someone that can replace him. But, by keeping yourself in that kind of situation, you will just a hard time moving forward and you will end up thinking more about the past and convince yourself that you are not the one for him. So, the best thing that you can do is to take time in visiting your ex, telling him how much you love him. Tell all the things that you want him to know, but at the end of the long conversations, after you say everything from your heart, claim it as a joke!

That would surely help you to release all those feelings that you have from him for the past months or even years. This now marks the beginning of your new life, there will be no regrets, no what ifs and other things because you have told everything, even he ended thinking it was all joke.

Visit Your Ex and Say You Still Love Him, Claim It as Joke Later On

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