5 Feng Shui tips to keep your home positive

Creating space, de-cluttering, and beautifying are just a few things you can do to keep your home from negative energy and have a very positive looking home. When you create space at home and add Feng Shui elements, you can see the change yourself.

1 Feng Shui for Happiness

If you want to create happiness at home, you can do certain things and bring in the Feng Shui elements to create an atmosphere of love and harmony at home. First thing to do is, to clear clutter, keep everything organized and dust free. This might sound like a mom’s advice but, it is true to keep your homes happy and serene. This is always the first thing to do before you can bring in other Feng Shui elements in life.

The next thing you can do after clearing the clutter is to bring plants into your home to bring in that positive energy and keep the air fresh and clean. You can choose lot of indoor plants and also decorate your home with, especially, the entrance with beautiful foliage and colorful flowers. This creates a very harmonious effect and positive energy around your home. Always keep the entrance not only clean but also beautiful.

Feng Shui for Happiness

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