Woman Decides to Take a 30 Day Zero Waste Challenge and Now She is An Inspiration for Others

The average American produces 4.3 pounds of trash per day. Producing trash is one of the biggest problems that human beings cannot move away from. Because of man’s nature to be an extensive consumer, trash rolls out of millions of homes worldwide and it is slowly but surely choking the planet. While recyclable and biodegradable waste isn’t so bad, it is tonnes of plastic and toxic substances that are degrading the earth. However, in the midst of this travesty, there are also thousands of people around the globe who are trying their best to avoid producing trash like one woman who is an inspiration because of her 30-day garbage free challenge. Keeping up this feat would be one mean feat. What is important is that the waste we do accumalate is disposed correctly, such as through recycling or finding another purpose for it ourselves. It is important to look at your garbage disposal options, in order to ensure you are satisfied with your waste output.


1An American woman embarks on a 30 day zero waste challenge

One American woman by the name of Auri decided she was going to do something about her own lifestyle and embarked on a journey of living with zero waste for a month to see what the experience would be like. She was surprised how it is possible.

Waste challenge

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2Everyone needs to take a small step

According to Auri, our lives are not sustainable and it would take a million changes for the earth to be healed from the present scenario of trash. But if everyone starts doing there bit and take up a challenge of zero waste, it would make a difference to the earth.

Everyone needs to take a small step

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3The first week

In the first week, Auri realized that the hardest part was eating as most foods come in packaging, so what was to be done about that. Obviously, she couldn’t survive on nuts and berries. Moreover, during her journey, she also found how we indulge in producing trash without even knowing it. A lot of garbage comes from day to day luxuries like toilet and tissue paper.

The first week zero waste challenge

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4The second week

In the second week, she learned how to handle food using glass jars and bags. She could just purchase items from the bulk section and place them in jars and bags. A great app to help with this is the beyobee app, it reminds you to take your own bags shopping so you can reuse your own bags instead of getting new ones all the time. While processed food is cheaper, Auri was actually saving money by spending less on a whole.

Second week zero waste challenge

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5Making compost

Her next step in the zero waste challenge was to make compost form the food that she couldn’t eat, the scraps and biodegradable material. Auri started going to a compost making facility to learn how to make compost. What she found out was that a vermicompost was most suitable for living in apartments where you don’t have access to soil.

Making compost

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