3 Easy Steps to Choose Your Perfect Pair of Jeans without Trying Them On

5The right way to check if your foot fits into skinnies easily

This will let you know if you will find it easy enough to try on a pair of skinny jeans. All you need to do is use your fist to see if it fits. Your hand bones should pass comfortably into the opening of the leg without the edges being stretched. Just that one easy motion and you won’t have to pull at your jeans anymore.

The right way to chec

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66 of the best jeans that celebs wear which are affordable too

Now here’s your big bonus. We picked out a few jeans brands worn by celebs and don’t think those are out of your pocket range because these are pretty affordable.

best jeans that celebs wear


7Karly Kloss

L’Agence although a French brand, opened its L.A outlet in 2008. It increased its denim line form 2015 with the brand L’Agence jeans. Since then it has become immensely popular due to its perfect fits which is why even celebs wear the premium garments of the brand. Karly Kloss is seen here wearing L’Argence marguerite high rise skinny jeans which cost just $225.

Karly Kloss

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8Alessandria Ambrossio

Alessandria Ambrossio is seen here wearing a L’Argence Chantal Low rise Skinny Jeans paired with a vintage Havana Jacket and T-Shirt. The jeans cost also $225.

Alessandria Ambrossio

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