3 Easy Steps to Choose Your Perfect Pair of Jeans without Trying Them On


How often do you see that fantastic pair of jeans in a store window or online? It looks a perfect fit on the mannequin or model, it covers the booty perfectly without the hint of looseness, and even the lower calf portion fits perfectly exactly how you would admire the model in the Levis skinny jeans ad.

But!! The biggest spoiler is when you purchase a size and find it doesn’t really fit you in the same you expected.

1How to choose the perfect jeans

Why is that?? It’s because you haven’t been able to choose the right size and that is why we have found a way to help you choose that perfect jeans fitting you exactly the way you dreamed. These are 3 simple steps to choosing perfect jeans.

How to choose the perfect jeans

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2Step 1. Choose the correct size

Here’s how you choose the right size when you are purchasing jeans. Hold the jeans at the ends of your waist. Now wrap them around your neck!! Yes, you heard correctly, your neck because this is a traditional way of trying on lower garments. Be sure to wrap it at the button level and from front to back so that the ends meet at the back of your neck. If the ends of the garment touch each other, that’s your perfect size.

Remember that it isn’t necessary for the ends of the waist to touch behind your neck, it should wrap easily.

Choose the correct size

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3Step 2. Define the perfect width

Now we come to the perfect width. For doing this you will have to clench your fist and bend your arm at the elbow. Now zip up the jeans and button it. The length from your elbow to your fist should fit comfortably into the zipped up waistband of your jeans. This trick of course works for those who wear their jeans with a standard waist size so if you are choosing a high waist jeans, this won’t apply as your arm won’t fit into the waist entirely.

You are just one more step away from choosing the perfect fitting jeans which you’ve always wanted. You can try this at any store or in the trial room.

Define the perfect width

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4Step 3. Check the perfect length

Usually most jeans are always long enough; in fact, some brands are really long and may need hemming in. Now take hold of the edges of either hem of the jeans meaning the end of the leg part of your jeans. Now split the two legs with your arms wide open as far as you can go. Don’t, of course, overdo the stretch unnecessarily but comfortably. If you find the midsection of the jean touches or comes just under your chin. If all three steps have been achieved perfectly then you are sure to get a great pair of jeans. Remember that it is important for the middle or lower fork of the jeans to appear beneath the under part of your chin at neck level.

Check the perfect length

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