25 People Who Never Realized How Attractive They Were Until They Worked On Themselves

21Difference of 20 months

There is a dramatic change here although frankly speaking, she didn’t look to bad earlier but then she set a goal for herself and achieved it. The difference between the two photos is 20 months where she changed her looks completely and lost weight too.

Difference of 20 months

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He is extremely proud of his change although I can’t really find anything wrong with his earlier look except that he is a bit geeky or nerdy. He isn’t fat that’s for sure and when you do look like that, you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself. There are plenty of women who love the nerdy look too.


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23I lost 12o lbs by the time I was 25

This is quite impressive taking account his young age and the way he has managed his weight loss journey. Kudos to him for achieving his new look.

lost 12o lbs

Image Source: www.taikotai.tv

24‘My boyfriend at 16 and 21, hard to tell it the same guy”

She has every reason to feel proud of his incredible transformation. It is certainly hard to tell that the two photographs are of the same guy. Good for both of them.

amazing weight loss transformation

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25I didn’t like the way I looked

Among people who changed themselves, she says men never ever noticed her because of her looks so she decided to transform herself. Well, she has done a brilliant job of it “I wanted to look informal, flashy. I had tattoos. I dyed my hair red. I’ve tried everything. People started noticing me.” She goes o to say “Now people see an attractive girl in me because I started feeling better myself. And the most important thing is to stop chasing people’s love. You should find harmony with yourself.”

girl after transformation

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