25 People Who Never Realized How Attractive They Were Until They Worked On Themselves

11A four years difference

Four years is a long time and this is the huge change from an awkward teenager to a hunk in uniform. But if you think of it, such photographs of one’s younger days should also be kept for the memories and not for looks.

four years difference

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12The big question

This man says he started changing psychologically and emotionally and was depressed on losing his hair early but military service changed him and he got used to being bald “ after I returned home, I started shaving my head and grew a beard. This is how I found the answer for me.”

man after transformation

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13Your best inspiration yet

This woman admits that she was overweight and just couldn’t lose weight until she decided to seek professional help. The decision paid off and just looks how she looks now. She is one big inspiration proving that taking help doesn’t hurt. “I have to admit, I couldn’t lose weight myself for a very, very long time. A really professional doctor helped me a lot.”

best inspiration yet

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14Not ugly anymore

Well?? That was his words “I didn’t do anything special, but I’m not ugly anymore.” Although I can’t really see the ugliness in his face on the left but then everyone has a different perception of what looks good and what doesn’t.

Not ugly anymore

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15When you drink too much coke

In his post, this guy wrote that he restored what years of McDonald and Coke did to him and that’s a fact. Too much processed fast food and gallons of coke can wreak havoc on your health and expect to look like a balloon too.

When you drink too much coke

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