25 People Who Never Realized How Attractive They Were Until They Worked On Themselves

Do you love the way you look? Are you beautiful to yourself? If you don’t think so, then you need to listen to the song “you’re beautiful” by Christina Aguilera. Perhaps it may change your mind. However, rather than change the way they look at themselves, some people go all out to change themselves instead and boy what a change when you see these photographs. Although beauty isn’t always the prime factor in life, still if you are obese or unkempt because of your own lethargy or unhealthy lifestyle, there is much you can do to change yourself. Perhaps these people who didn’t realize they were so attractive until they changed themselves may serve as some inspiration.


1I lost 100 lbs and I feel great.”

Well, as you can see, this guy was overweight and I’m sure he might have felt intimidated by his looks. The good thing is that he understood he had a problem and went on and did something about it, so good for him.

guy after weight loss

Image Source: www.viralfever.net

2An inspiration even if it took her 2 years

The biggest problem with fat and weight is that once you gain fat, it can be very hard to lose it, so this girl should be commended for her persistence and commitment to herself and what a remarkable change.

girl after loosing weight

Image Source: www.izismile.com

3I was fat and bullied in school

This boy’s parents were divorced and he lived with his grandmother. He says “I was surrounded by women. It was bad for me. I was bullied in school. And I was fat.” Once he entered college, he made genuine friends who helped him improve his looks and this is the result.

fat boy bullied in school

Image Source: www.brightside.me

4A difference of 4 years

The difference between these two photos is four years and she says that she wasn’t enjoying those four years at all until she changed herself.

girl after makeup

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5Me when I was 19 and 21

Now, this is truly a remarkable change showing how men even can transform themselves. Of course, sometimes, these things happen naturally and sometimes they take a bit of perseverance.

boy after working on him

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6This girl is an inspiration

As per her statement, she was depressed because of her looks and by the change, you can imagine why. Not everyone can accept themselves but what’s so impressive is when rather than adopt a defeatist attitude, she went ahead and transformed herself into that gorgeous gal on the right. “Now I run all the time wherever I am, and it really annoys my boyfriend. I feel great, and I’m enjoying my life!”

inspiring girl

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7He says he wasn’t fat he just changed his hairstyle

Well, he’s right judging by standards, he seems healthy and not fat but that’s how young teens look and he has matured beautifully into the handsome guy on the right.

boy after changing hairstyle

Image Source: www.taikotai.tv

8Never stop eating as starving isn’t the route to losing weight

Bulimia, anorexia and starvation aren’t the route to losing weight nor will it make you healthy. The concept of the size zero is a thing of the past and who wants a size zero anyways. She weighed just 60 lbs at one time and was admitted to hospital on several occasions “then I decided that I really wanted to get better, so I started working on my health myself. I gained weight, and I was able to work the whole day. I was able to live on my own and finally became a ’real’ adult!”

girl recovered anorexia and starvation

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9“3 years between these photos

This is what you would call a normal change. He wasn’t overweight, he just changed and for the better, He looks cool and as he says “Some people don’t believe that it’s me.”

boy after transformation

Image Source: www.thematicnews.com

10A dramatic change

It’s heartwarming and inspiring to see how some people can really dedicate themselves to a change. Between the two pictures is a change of 3 years where this woman says she was very shy and never went out much, but she decided to transform herself and the result is awesome.

A dramatic change

Image Source: www.izismile.com

11A four years difference

Four years is a long time and this is the huge change from an awkward teenager to a hunk in uniform. But if you think of it, such photographs of one’s younger days should also be kept for the memories and not for looks.

four years difference

Image Source: www.adme.ru


12The big question

This man says he started changing psychologically and emotionally and was depressed on losing his hair early but military service changed him and he got used to being bald “ after I returned home, I started shaving my head and grew a beard. This is how I found the answer for me.”

man after transformation

Image Source: www.breakbird.com

13Your best inspiration yet

This woman admits that she was overweight and just couldn’t lose weight until she decided to seek professional help. The decision paid off and just looks how she looks now. She is one big inspiration proving that taking help doesn’t hurt. “I have to admit, I couldn’t lose weight myself for a very, very long time. A really professional doctor helped me a lot.”

best inspiration yet

Image Source: www.somosma.com

14Not ugly anymore

Well?? That was his words “I didn’t do anything special, but I’m not ugly anymore.” Although I can’t really see the ugliness in his face on the left but then everyone has a different perception of what looks good and what doesn’t.

Not ugly anymore

Image Source: www.neveril.net


15When you drink too much coke

In his post, this guy wrote that he restored what years of McDonald and Coke did to him and that’s a fact. Too much processed fast food and gallons of coke can wreak havoc on your health and expect to look like a balloon too.

When you drink too much coke

Image Source: www.breakbird.com

16Dramatic weight loss

After just 15 months, this woman changed herself drastically to look like this. These are moments that make the dedication, perseverance and hard work worth it.

Dramatic weight loss

Image Source: www.pomada.cc

17He lost 100 lbs

And how it shows. This is how working out can produce results. All you need to do is make a decision and stop being a couch potato.

He lost 100 lbs

Image Source: www.izismile.com


18I was a nerd

That’s what he refers himself to four years ago and now look at him. He says he looks macho and he is absolutely correct.

boy looks amazing after transformation

Image Source: www.nemkacsa.com

19A clear winner

The difference between these two photos is just 25 months. In just two years, she lost a remarkable amount of weight making her look like this and that’s her biggest reward for all her hard work.

A clear winner

Image Source: www.demotywatory.pl

20I weighed 330 pounds

It took him to get to 330 pounds to finally start losing weight but when he did take the first step, he never looked back.” On my first day, I stopped eating bread and sugar and went to the gym. I also stopped drinking alcohol for 3 months (unfortunately, I continued to drink from time to time later)”. He is now 220 lbs but says that his new goal is 180 lbs.

stunning transformation

Image Source: www.stunning transformation

21Difference of 20 months

There is a dramatic change here although frankly speaking, she didn’t look to bad earlier but then she set a goal for herself and achieved it. The difference between the two photos is 20 months where she changed her looks completely and lost weight too.

Difference of 20 months

Image Source: www.taikotai.tv



He is extremely proud of his change although I can’t really find anything wrong with his earlier look except that he is a bit geeky or nerdy. He isn’t fat that’s for sure and when you do look like that, you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself. There are plenty of women who love the nerdy look too.


Image Source: www.izismile.com

23I lost 12o lbs by the time I was 25

This is quite impressive taking account his young age and the way he has managed his weight loss journey. Kudos to him for achieving his new look.

lost 12o lbs

Image Source: www.taikotai.tv


24‘My boyfriend at 16 and 21, hard to tell it the same guy”

She has every reason to feel proud of his incredible transformation. It is certainly hard to tell that the two photographs are of the same guy. Good for both of them.

amazing weight loss transformation

Image Source: www.mocool.eu

25I didn’t like the way I looked

Among people who changed themselves, she says men never ever noticed her because of her looks so she decided to transform herself. Well, she has done a brilliant job of it “I wanted to look informal, flashy. I had tattoos. I dyed my hair red. I’ve tried everything. People started noticing me.” She goes o to say “Now people see an attractive girl in me because I started feeling better myself. And the most important thing is to stop chasing people’s love. You should find harmony with yourself.”

girl after transformation

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