14 Trendy Haircuts Every Woman is Going to Want In 2022

10 Mid-length shag

A curly shag with thick bangs and a ton of layers is a great choice for women with naturally curly hair who want to spice up their look every day. A good air-drying is extremely important when it comes to taking care of these bangs, especially if you want to sport naturally curly bangs. A mid-length curly shag is styled using styling tools and blow-drying. To complete the look, add some highlights to the face to bring out the varying tones and textures of the skin.

Mid-length shag

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11 Long layers

Everyone can benefit from long layers, regardless of whether their hair is straight, wavy, or curly. Long, choppy layers are trendy because they provide a wide range of styling options. When pinned up, this look can provide the illusion of a shorter cut without the commitment. Face-framing layers will look good on those with fine hair. People with curly or wavy hair will need an ‘aircut,’ which involves cutting the hair when it’s dry and not wet. This will help your hairdresser determine how best to cut your hair so that your curls and waves are highlighted.

Long layers

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12 Bob with baby bangs

Baby bangs, used by celebs like Constance Wu, are a great way to spice up a short or long bob. A baby bang can pretty much be effortless and give you an immediate style. However, it is good to ask your hairstylist about the optimum fringe for your face shape and hair texture before requesting baby bangs. When it comes to baby bangs- regular trims are necessary to keep the look fresh and dry shampoo is a must.

Bob with baby bangs

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13 Side bangs

For a subtle makeover that is both trendy and timeless, request side-swept bangs from your hairstylist. Every face shape can look good with side bangs. When it comes to bangs, if you style it and own it, you can rock any sort of bangs regardless of face shape. For those with rounder facial structures, there’s even more reason to go for it. For a more oval face shape, it is recommended to get side-swept bangs since the tilt of the bangs adds more length to your face.

Side bangs

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14 Curly mullet

Were you looking for a new style for your curly hair? Request a curly mullet cut from your hairdresser. The curry mullet cut is trendy and creates a unique look on all face shapes. The modern, curly-looking mullet still retains the traditional features of shorter sides with a longer back. The bi-level design is reduced with softly blended layers for connected flow and consistency. The most effective styling tool for this look is a diffuser attachment for the blow-dryer, which adds volume and definition to the curls.

Curly mullet

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