14 Trendy Haircuts Every Woman is Going to Want In 2022

5 Sliced bob

The sliced bob is a haircut to consider if you have thin hair in 2022. Famous hairstylist Harry Josh said that the sliced bob is an up-and-coming variation on the classic bob cut that looks even better on women with finer hair. He explained that “If you have finer hair, this helps create a cleaner line.” Layering isn’t as important with a sliced bob because it’s mostly the same length, which creates a uniform appearance. According to Josh, it’s a little longer in the front and almost A-line.

Sliced bob

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6 Diamond dry cut

The dry cut approach works best on hair with a thicker texture. So, a “diamond dry cut” approach is better for thick hair than a “wet cut” approach since it is more difficult to determine the proper cut when hair is wet. Using precision layering on thick, dry hair reduces styling time. Sometimes people’ hair can be so thick and textured that they can’t pull off the one-length, basic haircuts.

Diamond dry cut

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7 The modern shag

The modern shag is very different from the ones seen in the 1980s and 1990s. In those times, the shag was trimmed with shorter layers throughout and had a broken, choppy perimeter. But it has a thicker outer layer and softer inner layers in today’s version. While it may have the same volume and texture as previous iterations, it is now more versatile. If you have wavy or curly hair, this hairstyle will be perfect for you. However, fine hair may appear flat. There are so many layers in the style that it might take away all of the weight and solidity from finer hair.

The modern shag

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8 Layered bob

To give the classic bob a modern twist, celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone sport layered bobs. The new twist on the layered bob will feature more layered ends and a looser structure. The new bob style includes more blunt-edged ends. Razor cut fans will appreciate these because they’re the perfect tool for achieving this look.

Layered bob

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9 Invisible layers

Getting a new hairstyle doesn’t imply that you have to change your hairstyle completely. These days the trending new glamor hair is the natural, effortless-looking hair! All you need to do is let your hairdresser snip off split ends for the invisible layers look. This may sound really simple, but it will make a tremendous impact on your hair’s overall appearance and health. The most exciting part is that this look goes well with all face shapes, and it’s very simple to style.

Invisible layers

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