12 Top Ways to Deal With People Who Want To Put You Down

9Try to accept negative comments in a friendly way

Some over-smart people in your life know your trigger points, and they can use upsetting nicknames that hurt you, point out your traits, or comment on your looks. Such people have a clear intention which makes you feel uncomfortable. But it is always up to you how you accept their comments. You have two simple ways of handling such comments: you can either deny the comment or you can accept the comment. Or else, you can answer calmly, that you are fine with what they are saying.

Try to accept negative comments in a friendly way

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10Practice kindness within limits

Kindness is a very sharp weapon that can work incredibly well in situations like these, especially when you know when and how to use it. Hear what is hurting you and act sympathetically towards them. Payback some friendly comments of kindness. Make sure you don’t want to force anything because you have to be sympathetic. This little trick can change the mindset of the other person who is trying to lock the horns with you. Kindness can sometimes be a great strategy to counter negative comments and people.

Practice kindness within limits

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11Maintain distance from negative people

Negative people try to degrade you because they have nothing to do with themselves. And quarreling with such people or taking their taunts seriously can make you mentally disturbed. Many times it happens that you meet people who are always looking for quarrels. But if you keep your distance from such people, then their impact on your life will be greatly reduced. When you maintain distance from such people in a healthy way, you may reduce their negativity to some extent.

Maintain distance from negative people

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12Be strict when needed

If you tolerate every wrong act of negative people, then they can understand that you are a weak person who can bear anything. Although you ignore them most of the time, it does not mean that you tolerate all their things. If you feel that the person in front has crossed their limits, face them without hesitation and give them an appropriate response. Remember that every person has a tolerance limit. That is why if necessary, put your aggressive side in front of such people so that they also take a few steps back.

Be strict when needed

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