12 Top Ways to Deal With People Who Want To Put You Down

Some people always have attitudes that can hurt others. Facing these people can make you uncomfortable because you may find yourself helpless by their derogatory gestures and constant criticism. You can easily come across such people in your office, society, or even in your family. In such a case, you have to learn something different thatcan help you eliminate the ironic comments or belittling thoughts of those who want to put you down.


We want to give you some suggestions on how to override this type of mindset and attitude without engaging in any conflict:

1Set some boundaries for yourself

The first thing you need to do is determine how low or high criticism you can tolerate. Also, you have to sort out the things that you are going to tolerate easily and the things you will never tolerate. Once you set some boundaries for yourself, just stick to them. With this small thing, you will be clear about what kind of behaviors to expect from people. If you overlook this idea, it will allow people to push you more because they can know your boundaries.

Set some boundaries for yourself

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2Understand you can change yourself only

When you argue or struggle with people, you may feel that you are constantly trying to change them. Can you change someone who has a different mindset and attitude than you? The best thing to do to avoid such conflicts is to slightly change your perspective about it. Once you change your perspective, people who try to lower your morale have to change the topics or discussions without any doubt. Stick to this idea to avoid people with such bad nature immediately.

Understand you can change yourself only

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3Show your composure

People who are trying to degrade you have an important intention to put themselves above you and your personality. But if you can ignore their words without giving them any importance, then they have to shut their mouths. This is where your composure will dispel the negative thoughts of others. Ignoring such arguments and engagements will not only end them, but it can do a better job of calming the other person in minutes. So, if you have to deal with such people regularly, then just practice ignorance.

Show your composure

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4Don’t turn anger straightaway after facing belittling attitudes

Most of us can react angrily after receiving a derogatory comment from others. Anger may be the most common reaction because we see it as a bullying attitude. But this is not the way you should react. When you straightaway get angry after encountering such people, they get your trigger points. This means that they succeed in belittling you and they have turned it into a struggle. Accordingly, try to control yourself a bit more before getting angry. If you can control, the other person may return to their limits.

Don't turn anger straightaway after facing belittling attitudes

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