12 Parenting Mistakes Parents Should Learn Up by Heart

5Force feeding or forcing kids to eat

Some common parenting mistakes that parents make too often is trying to force their child to eat. Only when your child feels hungry, will they ask for food. There can be several reasons why they might not have an appetite like indigestion, gastritis, enlarged adenoids, or enlarged tonsils.


Your kid might have gotten too overexcited during their walk or perhaps expelled a lot of nervous energy which could result in indigestion and their refusal to eat. Sometimes it could even be accompanied by stomach pains, nausea, vomiting, and heavy breathing. Abstaining from food is one natural and quick way to cure indigestion.

Force feeding or forcing kids to eat

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6Improperly cutting your baby’s nails

Having ingrown nails when you are an adult could probably because of not having your nails cut during your childhood. Parents need to know how to cut their baby’s nails properly. A baby’s finger nails should be left slightly round after cutting them and the cut part of their toe nails should be left straight. It’s important that you avoid cutting the nails at the root because this causes ingrown nails later.

Improperly cutting your baby’s nails

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7Swinging the baby around or holding their armpits or hands

Lifting child by their forearms, hands, or under the armpits is dangerous and unacceptable. This is one of the worst parenting mistakes any parent could make. A small child’s ligamentous apparatus is weak and holding or pulling on them can result in subluxation of the radial head. This will limit the mobility of the joint or lead to your kid developing raised shoulders in the future.

Swinging the baby around or holding their armpits or hands

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8Keeping the baby in a standing position in a carrier

Parents can have their hands free for other stuff by using different slings or special carriers to carry their baby in. But few are aware that these devices can actually be harmful than helpful for their babies if they are placed incorrectly in them. If the pressure is on their butt and hip joints the kid shouldn’t be placed in the carrier in a standing position.

It’s important that the pressure remains evenly distributed on all parts of the spine with the neck fixed. It’s unacceptable to put your baby in an asymmetrical arrangement, and the straightening of the spinal arch needs to be avoided at all costs. Wrong positioning can lead to the invertebral discs being flattened, can result in pelvic issues, and other serious disorders in your baby.

Keeping the baby in a standing position in a carrier

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