11 Simple Habits That Can Change Your Life and Make It Better

5Take contrast showers

You can strengthen your nervous system and blood vessels by taking contrast showers every day. These showers are only a few minutes long, but are an extremely helpful procedure which can tremendously benefit your health. Contrast showers have also been one of the many simple life-changing habits that can treat and prevent varicose veins.

Take contrast showers

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6Use chamomile ice cubes to wipe your face

Wiping your face with ice cubes made from a chamomile decoction in the morning will protect your skin against mimic wrinkles. This will even stimulate the skin’s exchange processes. After wiping your face with these ice cubes, you will get a fresh and radiant blush on your face along with velvety smooth skin, instead of morning edema.

Use chamomile ice cubes to wipe your face

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7Eat some nuts every day

You can eat any nut that you like every day. Just make sure that you eat at least 50 g of those nuts daily. Nuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids which can strengthen your cardiovascular system, nails, and hair. Nuts also contain vitamin E, antioxidants, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and plant sterols (which can lower bad cholesterol in the body). By eating nuts daily, you gain all these essential nutrients that boost your health.

Eat some nuts every day

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8Keep a water bottle on your desk

Dehydration is common among working people, but most of them fail to notice that they are suffering from it. Simple life-changing habits like placing a water bottle on your desk to remind yourself to stay well hydrated can really benefit your healthy lifestyle goals. Don’t try to drink tea, coffee, or carbonated drinks when you are thirsty.
Always carry a bottle of water to drink from and keep it in front of you like on your office desk. This way you will be sure to drink more water and remain hydrated. You can even set an hourly reminder on your hone to remind yourself to drink some water every hour.

Keep a water bottle on your desk

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