11 Habits That Can Help You Live A Longer and healthier Life

8Make sure that you have enough vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is largely responsible for causing many age-related diseases. This is why it is essential to keep checking your vitamin D levels. A study has even shown that maintaining your vitamin D levels can help in slowing-down the aging process itself. Checking if your vitamin D levels are at the normal range and by keeping it that way are some necessary habits to live a long and healthy life.

Make sure that you have enough vitamin D

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9Go out more

Research reveals that those who lead active social lives may live longer and healthier than those who don’t. When you go out more often and socialize, you tend to have healthier behaviors like being physically active and eating healthy foods. But, people who keep themselves isolated and don’t like going out much are at a greater risk of having a weakened immune system as they tend to get more stressed out in their isolation.

Go out more

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10Have a child later in life

If you’re able to have children after the age of 33 years then your chances of living longer increases, as per a study. Women who generally give birth after this age have twice the odds of living till 95 years as compared to those who had their last child before the age of 29.

Have a child later in life

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11Take care of your grandchildren

Grandchildren can give you the most sincere love and this just happens to be one of the most positive things that help you live longer and healthier, as stated by a study. However, if you don’t have your own grandchildren then caring for other little kids who might be like grandchildren to you will also do.

Take care of your grandchildren

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