10 True Signs That Confirm You’re An INFJ Personality Type

6You make decisions after going through your insights and feelings

An INFJ person will not judge the world by considering the things around them. Instead, they will use their emotions and insight to make decisions. INFJs have no interest in looking at performance history or track record for decision-making. On the contrary, they will try to judge any matter from their heart. In short, people from this personality trust their gut feeling a little more. And they don’t even hesitate to go over what their gut feeling is telling them to do.

You make decisions after going through your insights and feelings

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7Human psychology fascinates you

Being an INFJ personality, you like exploring ideas and theories about human life. Perhaps you have a different mindset for all the things in your life, but you always want to know how people respond and think about life. Human psychology will be one of the top goals of your life. INFJs are indeed excited to mug up more about human mindset, human behavior, and human interests.

Human psychology fascinates you

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8You focus on factual logic before doing something

People outside this personality type rarely make decisions based on their impersonal logic. But INFJs are those who will do something only after focusing on factual logic. Such people react and do things after making sure those around them stay in harmony. It would not be wrong to say that INFJs value people over knowledge. However, this does not mean that INFJs always overlook logic, precision, and knowledge.

You focus on factual logic before doing something

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9You can identify the hidden intentions of others

As INFJs focus on the thoughts and perspectives of others, they do not waste much time to find out the hidden intentions of those around them. If you are an INFJ personality, intentions and motives will always be clear to you. This may be the reason that you guess the evil or good things that happen later. There can be some bad situations in our lives, but INFJs are mostly aware of them. It is surely the biggest benefit of being an INFJ personality.

You can identify the hidden intentions of others

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10You can quickly recognize half-truths and lies

The greatest personality trait in INFJs is their ability to discover the true meaning and truth of things. If you try to lie in front of them, they will waste no time identifying it. Their ability to seek the genuine truth is so spectacular that they can notice half-truths even in a moment. This personality type avoids those who look to manipulate them. Moreover, they have the ability to discover the reality of the negotiations happening around them.

You can quickly recognize half-truths and lies

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