10 True Signs That Confirm You’re An INFJ Personality Type

In 1940, the mother-daughter duo of Kathryn Briggs and Isabel Myers formed the Myers-Briggs type indicator. This self-report record help facilitates people to find out the types of personality, preferences, and strengths. They used Carl Jung’s theory of personality types to invent this questionnaire. Individuals undergoing this test will get divided into four categories. And they are thinking vs. Feeling, Extroversion vs. Introversion, Judging vs. Perceiving, and Sensing vs. Intuition.


And using these mentioned criteria, you can easily determine one’s personality type. However, reports believe that there is only 1-3% INFJs on Earth. So, let’s try to find out what this particular personality type is and what its signs are:

What does it mean to be an INFJ personality type?

INFJ stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging, and is the rarest personality type identified by the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI). Experts assume that the INFJs are caring, gentle, and creative. Though INFJs can be difficult to find, they can easily make excellent leaders, organized staff, and faithful friends. However, copied MBIT tests are notoriously incorrect as they might not use the cognitive function theory.

What does it mean to be an INFJ personality type

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Signs of INFJ personality type:

1 You find yourself apart from the crowd from a very young age

As INFJs tend to feel different and alone for good reasons, they find themselves different from the people even since childhood. Another reason for making INFJs feel lonely is the low number of INFJs. Therefore, they can’t find their similar who see the world in the same way as they do. People who are of this type have also accepted such mental states of feeling lonely and different. Or else, you can say that the INFJs are in harmony with their feelings.

You find yourself apart from the crowd from a very young age

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2You love making people around you happier

INFJs can try so much to make others feel happy, and they may forget to please themselves. On the other hand, these people will get any work done in a very disciplined and systematic way. As a people-pleaser, it can be difficult for INFJs to think about their happiness. But they don’t care much for things like these. Furthermore, people of this type always try to strive for perfection. Since INFJs take every word to heart, you need to criticize them quite gently.

You love making people around you happier

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3You are a visionary one who sees the big things only

INFJs have excellent planning and management skills, and that’s why they always stay steps ahead of others. Additionally, they might only focus on the end goal with the ways that will take them towards the goal. In short, they see and achieve big things only. But there’s a problem with INFJs that they can forget what is going on around them at present. This may be the reason why experts ask INFJs to be with other grounded people who may remind them of the present.

You are a visionary one who sees the big things only

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4You keep your feelings secret

INFJs are the ones who keep their feelings secret more and more. The reason here is that such people care deeply about everybody in their lives. But sadly, others never know how much INFJs care about them. People of this type keep their feelings mostly with themselves. That’s quite a sweet trait, but not when you like or love someone. You may have trouble expressing your feelings, even if you have them intensely.

You keep your feelings secret

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5You are empathic

As mentioned INFJs are very caring, they can easily recognize other people’s feelings. In short, these kinds of people are empathic. If you are an INFJ personality, you will find it easy to change the point of view about something, which affects others. But this sympathetic symptom can be both a curse and a blessing. Sometimes, it may help you to have long-term and faithful bonds, but sometimes it can overwhelm you oppositely. If you cannot separate the feelings of others from you, then this trait becomes a curse.

You are empathic

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