10 Make-up hacks to make your beauty routine easier, faster and oh so lovable!

It irritates the hell out of our partners when we take up hours to get ready and look like a beauty queen. We have a great range of products whose usage we may know or actually we may even be clueless about them, but worry not, we are going to give out some hacks to you which will make your make-up routine easier, faster and much more effective. Lets hack up the make-up darlings.


1 Hash tag your way to get those Smokey eyes

Well, we all are too used to using hash tags on our instapics, why not use on your eyelids, and smudge them to attain the perfect pair of Smokey eyes. The amount of shading you need to do to get the perfect smokey balance can be adjusted by this method.

Hash tag your way to get those Smokey eyes

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2 Try the apple cider vinegar toner

Apple cider vinegar is a great beauty hack, which will not only reduce blemishes and acne, but will also maintain the Ph level of your skin. Scarlett Johannson is a woman who sears by it, don’t you just love her supple and smooth skin? Yeah, we all do, try this toner to get there.

Try the apple cider vinegar toner

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3 Properly place the foundation to get rid of baggy eyes

We all hate it when the whole of face shines bright and just the under eye area looks like we have just woken up even if we have been trying to get ready from the past two hours with all the enthusiasm of the world to look killer in that party. Now, here, place the foundation properly to achieve the perfect under eye area.

 Properly place the foundation to get rid of baggy eyes

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4 Easy to get long-lasting lipstick

Lipsticks define most of us and we simply hate it when we see a very light shade of it left after a few hours. Solution- apply the lipstick, place a clean tissue over your lips and go for a recoat with translucent powder.

Easy to get long-lasting lipstick

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5 Follow these steps for the perfectly pouty lips

You may be wondering how do these celebrities have such awesome lips, well some of those celebrities can thank their plastic surgeons for that and fot he ones who do not need to do that, can swear by these steps to get the perfect pout. You simply cannot just apply lipstick and say, hey, “I am too sexy for my lips”, instead moisturize them up first with a lip balm, then go for primer , and follow it up by perfectly lining up the lips with a lip liner brush and fill up the pout lastly with your lipstick. Voila, you got that POUT!

Follow these steps for the perfectly pouty lips

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6 Blush it up the right way

Isn’t it one of the most confusing tasks to decide where to apply blush to get those perfect rosy cheeks? Now, no confusion, just place a pencil or a thin pen under your cheekbones and go for that perfect application. You will never forget this once you get the hang of it.

Blush it up the right way

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7 Use your perfume properly

While you may feel extremely fresh while leaving your house after having sprayed your perfume on your clothes, but it may get worn out till the time you reach you destination. Instead spray it up on these pulse points for a long lasting effect and freshness.

Use your perfume properly

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8 Avoid upper eye mascara smudges

Most of the times, we get those little smudges of mascara on our eyelid, while applying mascara, and this becomes the cause of worry when we are already running late. Fret not, use a spoon and go for the perfect application of mascara.

Avoid upper eye mascara smudges

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9 Shine your strained nails with lemon juice

You may be a little worried with some strained nails, well worry not. Just soak them up in some lemon juice and brighten up your nails. And lemon juice can actually shine up almost everything, when it can clean your kitchenware, then nails can get super clean and super shiny.

Shine your strained nails with lemon juice

Image Source: www.houseoflux.com

10 Curl your lashes faster

Well curled up lashes look super awesome, but the time they need, can get a little too much on the nerves. One easy way is to heat the curler a little, and mind you just a little, before letting it do its do.

 Curl your lashes faster

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