10 Lazy girl beauty hacks that every girl should memorize

You have just woken up after snoozing the alarm for the last possible time before it is officially too late. Now you know you don’t have time for the usual morning beauty routine and are struggling to find a way out of it and also look good.


But don’t worry about having to sacrifice either your beauty sleep or the makeup routine. Here present to you some really simple beauty hacks that will make you as pretty as you want to be in just a matter of few minutes. Some of the tips and tricks give you the results of hours of work and some will make you look like just a professional makeup artist would have made you look.

So behold and use these 10 easy beauty hacks to make you look beautiful as ever and that too in just a few minutes.


1 Hide a bad manicure with glitter effect

Anyone and everyone can have their nails grow out or become chipped some time or another. Now that you have noticed it and know that you don’t have any time to get a professional manicure done nor have the skills to do it yourself, we give you an easy way out until you can get it fixed in a better way.

Just use some glitter to hide it. Use a good glittery nail paint over the nails and hide the overgrown or chipped
portion of the nail. It stays on forever and also looks good.

Hide a bad manicure with glitter effect

Image Source: www.h-cdn.co

2 Blow dryer for that quick moistening effect

Well if time is running or you are impatient to wait for your moisturizer, toner or tanner to dry the way they are meant to, because they need to dry to give their complete effect. One thing you can try is blow dry your face, by setting the dryer to cool setting and that will save you some precious minutes.

 Blow dryer for that quick moistening effect

Image Source: www.femmesdetunisie.com

3 Healing treatment for your feet

Your feet do the maximum work, carrying your weight in those high heels all day. They deserve some comfort and tender care at the end of the day and here is the best thing you can do for them.


Just before going to sleep, take some peppermint moisturizer or some Vaseline and rub it generously on the whole feet, including you heels. Then cover them with some comfy and cushy socks and go to sleep. Your feet will thank you in the morning.

Healing treatment for your feet

Image Source: www.birchbox.com


4 Use a playing card

Want that perfect cat eye and have no sort of eye-hand coordination, well don’t be disheartened! You can just use a playing card or a credit card as a base to hold your hand still and make that perfect line that will give you the effect of cat like eyes.

Use a playing card

Image Source: www.buzzfed.com


5 Lipstick is your life saver

Yes the poor old lipstick is a life saver for you when you don’t have time to do a full on makeup regimen or want to have just a little make up on. You can use the lipstick to add some color to your lips, cheeks and eyes and then dab and spread them using your fingers and tissue to get the desired effect.

Lipstick is your life saver

Image Source: www.sohu.com


6 Use this to seal your final make up

This $11 buck make up accessory from Ben Nye will keep your makeup from moving while you laugh, smile or wipe your face with a tissue. The accessory is basically a makeup sealer that is used even by the professionals in order to keep the makeup from getting disturbed by the various factors which may wreak havoc to your whole look.

Use this to seal your final make up

Image Source: www.buzzfed.com

7 The one and done philosophy

KISS (Keep it simple stupid) is the best mantra that you can remember if you are short on time and need stuff to be done. When it comes to makeup, the mantra becomes one and done. If you have short amount of time, then just focus on only one part of your face and make that look pretty.


For example in the short time that you have, play up either with your eyes or lips, but not both.

The one and done philosophy

Image Source: www.marketium.ru

8 Just wash the bangs

One of the many hassles of being a girl is washing hair, more so if you have voluminous and long hair. So here is one of the quickest beauty hacks. Just shampoo your bangs. Pull the rest of your hair in a ponytail and dab a little conditioner on your fingers and run it through the outer fringe of the bangs. Wash it off under the tap.


Dry them naturally or blow dry if you have unruly hair.

Just wash the bangs

Image Source: www.popsugar-assets.com

9 Hydrate skin before you sleep

Don’t forget to hydrate your skin before sleeping. Just put a few drops of any moisturizer on your face and similar moisturizing cream on your arms and legs before sleeping in order to keep them fresh and breathing when you get up.


This will save you time in the morning to do all of this in the little time that you have to get ready for your day.

Hydrate skin before you sleep

Image Source: www.cutediyprojects.com

10 Multitasking is the key to success!

The best way to get work done for a lazy girl in the small amount of time that you get is to multitask. Brush your teeth, while you let the conditioner soak in your hair. Blow-dry your hair as you catch up on the daily mails and watch news on the TV. Put your make up, while your coffee is brewing and eggs are boiling.


We hope these beauty hacks do let you sleep more and make you look beautiful even if you have less time in the morning. After all, everybody deserves to be sleeping peacefully and also look calm and composed beautifully!

Multitasking is the key to success

Image Source: www.onthe.io


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