10 Lazy girl beauty hacks that every girl should memorize


You have just woken up after snoozing the alarm for the last possible time before it is officially too late. Now you know you don’t have time for the usual morning beauty routine and are struggling to find a way out of it and also look good.

But don’t worry about having to sacrifice either your beauty sleep or the makeup routine. Here present to you some really simple beauty hacks that will make you as pretty as you want to be in just a matter of few minutes. Some of the tips and tricks give you the results of hours of work and some will make you look like just a professional makeup artist would have made you look.

So behold and use these 10 easy beauty hacks to make you look beautiful as ever and that too in just a few minutes.


1 Hide a bad manicure with glitter effect

Anyone and everyone can have their nails grow out or become chipped some time or another. Now that you have noticed it and know that you don’t have any time to get a professional manicure done nor have the skills to do it yourself, we give you an easy way out until you can get it fixed in a better way.

Just use some glitter to hide it. Use a good glittery nail paint over the nails and hide the overgrown or chipped
portion of the nail. It stays on forever and also looks good.

Hide a bad manicure with glitter effect

Image Source: www.h-cdn.co


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