10 Images which show that conversations are dying a technological death

We have become addicted to our smartphones, so much so that it is now being considered an indispensable part of not our lifestyles, but lives instead. I agree, we get to do a lot with them, but such deep dependency which makes you feel lifeless when they become dead due to battery discharge or absence of internet connection, has made us mere slaves of the digital world. The result is such that all we see around us, are people with crooked necks and busy hands. Take a look at these illustrations which truly are tell-tales of the sad truth of our world today:


1 Smartphone tans

These are the latest trends in the tanning patterns. Keep yourself engrossed in your smartphones and in no time you can also be flaunting one of those. Come on, have you really forgotten what it feels to be relaxing in the bright sunshine without being distracted by anything?

Smartphone tans

Image Source: www.earthporm.com


2 Subway Surfers Vs Soccer

Children knew how to play outdoor games with their friends, but today all they like are games like ‘Subway Surfers’. They are running as fast as they can in the game when they have forgotten how it was to race or play soccer out in the actual field. Now, isn’t this ironical, letting that mischievous boy run endlessly and not being able to run even 100 meters in real life?

Subway Surfers Vs Soccer

Image Source: www.earthporm.com


3 Smartphones are blinding people

People have become careless about their own safety. Many can be seen looking down in their phones even while crossing roads or driving their cars. Give me a break guys, is hitting that like button more important than saving yourself from being hit or hitting someone?

Smartphones are blinding people

Image Source: www.earthporm.com


4 A brilliant idea

What is the point of going on a date, when you intended to do just this? Well, actually this girl has a brilliant idea. At least she can assume that he is holding a conversation with her.

A brilliant idea

Image Source: www.earthporm.com


5 That is the reason of being forever tired

Who all are guilty of this? I guess, most of you looking at this picture. Now, don’t complain that you don’t get enough sleep because the maid comes up in the room and switches on the light. It’s her job, you should have done yours by sleeping on time!

That is the reason of being forever tired

Image Source: www.stuffhappens.us


6 The Real Ruler

You must think it is you who rules here, but actually you have become a slave of that smartphone and instantly react to whatever order, read notification, is given out. Shouldn’t you be the master here, and let it rest sometimes, while also giving yourself some peaceful moments?

The Real Ruler

Image Source: www.gsm.mk


7 Adult Binky

Well, this is one of my personal favourites. How evidently restless someone can be if he loses his smartphone. The kids are indeed right here, it is an adult binky, after all, the moment he gets it back, he will breathe the longest sigh of relief.

Adult Binky

Image Source: www.twimg.com


8 Modern-day wedding cakes

“Wow, I am getting married, but wait, let me take a selfie first”, Seems to be the mantra of every new bride and groom out there. Also such cakes are the best ways to show your true image to the guests.

Modern-day wedding cakes

Image Source: www.chukcha.net

9 Out in the woods, but not without my lifelines

Enjoying the nature in its truest and purest form can be one of the most blissful moments in today’s busy world. But, if you take your gadgets even there, and keep living off the technological pleasure instead of soaking in the beauty of nature, then my dearies you are losing some precious peaceful moments.

Out in the woods, but not without my lifelines

Image Source: www.earthporm.com

10 What’s wrong with them?

This might be true someday, even our heavenly fathers would be helpless in giving solace. For, they do not know how addicted we have become.

What’s wrong with them

Image Source: www.knuckledraggin.com


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