10 Fashion and Styling Habits That Make Woman Look Much Older


5 Big hoop earrings

Big hoop earrings

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Wide, big hoops made of silver or gold can be hard to wear. The biggest problem with them is that their weight pulls down your earlobes. So, if you choose small, light hoop earrings, you’ll look much trendier and more modern.

6 Black clothes

Black clothes

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People who don’t know what to wear often choose black clothes because it’s thought that they go with everything and make you look stylish and beautiful. Well, it’s true that skin starts to look a little bit paler as time goes on. And wearing only black can make you look dull or even tired. It also makes wrinkles stand out. You can prevent this by wearing a colored piece of clothing. You can choose blue or red based on the color of your face. This easy tip will make your face look better. When you get used to it, you can switch to other dark colors that make you look smaller, like grey or navy blue, if you don’t like black.

7 Old-fashioned shoes

Old-fashioned shoes

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Sometimes, we just choose shoes that are comfy, even if they look old. But they can trick you and make your outfit look terrible. You don’t have to give up comfort for the sake of fashion. These days, there are a lot of shoes that look good and are easy to wear.


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