10 Body Language Tips Which Improves Your Confidence

Effective communication involves the use of body language along with your speech as it can convey messages in a more subtle way. If you are able to combine them properly then they can be just as powerful as words and can make anyone seem full of confidence. You can convince people that you are confident with your posture, movements, and gestures. It doesn’t matter if you are nervous or tired, with the right body language tips you can make a fantastic impression on your date or job interview.


Here are 10 useful body language tips that can reinforce your nonverbal communication, making you appear more confident and charismatic.

1 Make sure your head is upright

People with an introverted personality usually walk with their head down or bow their heads while talking to others. But these postures are commonly misinterpreted as a sign of low self-esteem or self-confidence. On the contrary, those who walk and talk to people with their head raised and upright seem more confident, proud, and secure. Such postures display honesty, openness, and show that you aren’t hiding anything and aren’t afraid to be crystal clear in front of others.

Make sure your head is upright

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2Keep making eye contact

Michael Ellsberg, an expert in body language explained that one of the most important and powerful tools you can use while interacting face-to-face is simply eye contact. Maintaining eye contact with the person in front of you tells the person that you are attentive, sincere, honest, approachable, and are willing to listen. Just don’t try to come off as too inquisitive and this will work extremely well in your favor. This is one of the best body language tips for exuding self-confidence, but doing the opposite and not maintaining eye contact can denote insecurity or low-self-confidence.

Keep making eye contact

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3Smile slightly

A study conducted by neuroscientists has revealed that people who show a small smile while keeping their eyebrows slightly elevated when they converse tend to generate sympathy and trust within their interlocutor. Normally when trying to establish communication with others, you would look for people who seem nice, friendly, and willing to listen. You wouldn’t want to talk to someone who is distant, uncomfortable, or annoyed. When chatting with others these simple gestures can really go a long way and generally makes the conversation better.

Smile slightly

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