10 Amazing photographers ready to do anything for that perfect shot

Life through an SLR is unique. It takes on an enhanced perspective where every photographer worth his salt will endeavour to unleash creative eccentricity in that one remarkable shot. It’s no wonder that the world’s best photographers strive to any lengths to excel in their trade. Especially a wedding photographer Cleveland, who will aim to capture the best pictures of a persons once in a lifetime event!


Photography is a passionate art. Akin to an artist, a photographer’s world is his canvas. As such, he will adapt to his surroundings, endure the harshest of conditions and brave the bloodiest of battles, all to make his mark with one inspiring creation. Here are 10 amazing photographers ready to do anything to shoot that perfect shot.

1 Guido Sterkendries

Guido Sterkendries is world renowned for his phenomenal wildlife photography. His passion drives him to live in tree houses deep in the Amazonian rain forests of South America sometimes for even days, for that perfect shoot. Dangling from treetops and negotiating branches like a modern day Tarzan, Sterkendries is no novice to harsh conditions in pursuit of his art.

Guido Sterkendries

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

2 Gleb Tarro

“To me the beauty is in a dramatic light, in bright happy colors, in nature and human creations”.


In his own words, unique landscape photographer Gleb Taro believes in celebrating the artistic side of photography. Born in Vladivostok,Gleb taro lives in San Diego and has 30 years of photography experience in showcasing the natural wonders of mother earth in all her splendor.

Gleb Tarro

Image Source: www.curbstoneranger.com


3 Will Burrard Lucas

To get a great shot, you sometimes need to hold your breath and remain still.This image of wildlife photographer Will Burrard Lucas shooting Meerkats in the wild proves the point beyond doubt. Will hails from the UK and develops his own devices to get as dangerously close to wild animals as possible.

Will Burrard Lucas

Image Source: www.burrard-lucas.com


4 Sergei Borodin

No matter what happens, smile and be positive. Would anyone think of smiling when stranded on an ice floe? That’s Sergei Borodin for you. Born in Tomsk Russian federation, Sergei is among the best nature photographers in the world today. Sergei proves his endurance levels are unfathomable when pursuing that ideal shot.

Sergei Borodin

Image Source: www.brightside.me


5 Ami Vitale

Ami Vitale lives in Montana and works on contract from National Geographic. One of the many courageous woman photojournalists, Amy has had her full share of war zones and natural disasters. She has lived in Spartan conditions such as mud houses all for a photo shoot. She has even worn a panda suit to get up close to pandas in a bid to shoot a feature on endangered species.

Ami Vitale

Image Source: www.fubiz.net


6 Chris Chambers

Photography isn’t only about braving a war zone or a death defying act to get an iconic shot. It’s also about the skill and the right positron to get an awesome take. Chris Chambers is a wedding photographer earning the distinction of going to any lengths even lying in the dirt to get that remarkable wedding photo. There are many fantastic wedding photographers all over the world, such as Olga Topchii, so if you’re looking for someone to take pictures of your big day, Click here to get in touch with Olga Topchii, the wedding photographer.

Chris Chambers

Image Source: www.wordpress.com


7 Veselin Malinov

Award winning photographer Veselin Malinovis a brave-heart when it comes to nature photography. This image was part of a shoot taken in Portugal in 2013. Oblivious of the massive waves lashing the shoreline during an ocean storm, Veselin throws caution to the winds in braving the elements for an unmatchable photo.

Veselin Malinov

Image Source: www.decobloog.com

8 Shamas Malik

Shamas Malik is a sculptor turned photographer who lives in Calgary Canada. This particular shot of a photographer in action by Shamas Malik reflects the dedication of photographers at work. In a bid to capture perfection, photography requires even a bit of contortionist skills as seen here by this female photographer in one of the most difficult of positions for shooting as photograph.

Shamas Malik

Image Source: www.500px.org

9 Ethan Welty

Ethan Welty is one crazy photographer. Originating from France, he is an award winning landscape and ecological photographer whose actions reflect the true dedication and passion for photography. He has snorkeled in rapid river waters, climbed the north cascades while documenting ecological patterns for the geological survey in the US. As a perfectionist, Ethan takes his photography to extremes while attempting the most difficult of positions to get a great shot.

Ethan Welty

Image Source: www.wonderfulmachine.com


10 Tom Kuali

As one of the most extreme photographers in the world, Tom Kuali needs no introduction. Born in Hawaii, Tom studied art under renowned artist Linus Chao and has seen his fair share of war during his stint in Iraq. He is seen here getting up so close to volcanic lava flow that his shoes and tripod melted. That’s dedication for the art of photography!

Tom Kuali

Image Source: www.500px.org

These photographers certainly show it to the world, that clicking that one perfect shot is no child’s play and a lot goes behind the camera, to capture a perfectly timed and beautifully shot photograph.


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