Why Majority Of The Japanese Prefer To Bathe In The Evenings, Read To Find Out

11Transportation system

Most of the Japanese prefer to use the public transport system instead of personal cars because of which they are subjected to pollution, heat, etc and they need to cleanse themselves after a long hectic day. People also need to clean themselves if they travel in public transport because they come in contact with many people.

Bullet train japan

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12How much time for bath is sufficient?

As per a study, 10 minutes is more than enough to take bath and in this duration, the blood circulation of the whole body also gets improved. If you are taking a shower in night and your main focus is to get a good sleep then ensure that you take bath at least 1-2 hours before going to sleep.

Girl in indoor bath pool

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13Timing of bath

The study has also revealed that there is no set criterion as to what time is best for bath; it all depends on your requirement. Simplifying further, it is good for you to take bath in morning if you have oily skin as bathing is the best way to clean oil and pores after the skin oil gets collected on the skin in the night.

Timing of bath

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14Morning bath

You should bath in the morning if you find it difficult to wake up as bath will be more effective than tea or coffee in waking you up. Those who have to put their mind to work in their job should also bath in morning as it will increase their efficiency. It is also good for those to bath in the morning who work-out in the morning.

Morning bath

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15Bath at night

A person should take bath at night if he has a problem in sleeping in night as bathing will help in getting good sleep. People with dry skin should also prefer bathing at night as bathing in the morning will make their skin drier. Those whose job requires travelling to places and meeting many people should certainly bath in night in order to get rid of bacteria they may have catch from other people.

Bath at night

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